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Linux Collaboration Update

The next meeting will be Monday, July 28th at 3pm. I will check with Linda
about getting a bigger room. If you wish to get future notifications, please
subscribe to the umce linux group.

Two joinable groups have been created:

umce linux
umce linux notify

The umce linux group is for meeting announcements, discussion, etc
The notify group will receive software version update mail from announce
groups and freshmeat.

The currently available notes are at:

Kernel build notes should be available soon (later this week).

To get accounts on equilibrium talk to Bill Brehm (wwb).

Notes I took in today's meeting are below. I apologize if I got too interested
in the discussion and missed something, or if I misrepresented any comments:

Shared "Base" loadset

Web Team: Sun Sux. Moved budget to intel hardware. FreeBSD didn't
work out (AFS/Oracle support). RedHat hideous nightmare of tangled mess.
GenToo "personality" problems. Collaborate on UMCE Linux.
Move as many non-dataful services to Linux on an aggressive timeline.
Cosign->Linux tonight. www.umich and www-personal to Linux next.
40% -> Linux by Winter Break. There are no web services that *can't* be
moved to Linux.

GPCC: 3 different objectives. Desktop loadset in Sites for Stat project.
Leverage later to general purpose PC Desktop. Sites thinking of
"Microsoft Free" zone. Login pool moved to Linux at some point.
Tertiary services could also be moved. Servers v. User machines.
(Workstations, time-sharing, backend). Desktop and Backend this
academic year. GPCC undecided on Collaborative Loadset.

CAEN, LSA, EECS, ITCS(gpcc) collaboration on RedHat loadset (BlueHat).
Sites workstations, staff desktops, faculty desktops, eecs research labs.
Discussion of distribution mirror for students. Update center for timely

AFS: RedHat, Debian, LFS. RedHat is "icky". Use by GPCC (and
provision of a mirror) would provide an incentive for this choice. Getting
updates directly from RedHat costly. LFS binary only (currently).
AFS database, kerberos and AFS secure clients (homedir server), File
Servers. Debian has potential to be less work, since Debian maintains
AFS distro. AFS under IBM License code? AFS.org distributes debian
and redhat. Keeping up with hardware challenging under Linux.

LAN/NOS: Novell Services for Linux push. Will be involved in the beta.
Currently Novell plans to support RedHat and SuSe. LAN/NOS is potentially
interested in UMCE LFS for this test. Netware 7 alleges to provide
advance groupware products running on Linux.

Existing LFS loadset:

Bare minimum to get directory migrated. Basic utilities are lacking (finger,
iostat). Source is available (on equilibrium /usr/src)

Documentation on available notes, source, etc.

How do we proceed from here to a Core UMCE LFS?
Development v. Production Branch
Revision control is currently on notes v. on a source tree.
	We don't maintain a local copy of authoritative source

Multiple Loadsets:
Boot CD Common (Minimum)
Core Usability

First steps
Document kernel and kernel building
Update notes for currently built software
Collaborate on building some tools

Questions: Portage PortsTree