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updates to glibc and lfs-negative and lfs-base

are now running on eq
p lfs-base-1.2.1.T
n lfs-negative-1.0.1.T
p lfs-kernel-1.1.0.T

This gives you the opportunity to test software against any of these
new deals.  Change info below:

sixthday-radmind:; rlog lfs-base-1.2.1.T

RCS file: RCS/lfs-base-1.2.1.T,v
Working file: lfs-base-1.2.1.T
added sysctl.conf, call shell instead of halt
revision 1.1
date: 2004/02/12 08:14:10;  author: sweda;  state: Exp;

sixthday-radmind:; rlog lfs-negative-1.0.1.T

RCS file: RCS/lfs-negative-1.0.1.T,v
Working file: lfs-negative-1.0.1.T
negative transcript for lfs
major change is that a generic lilo.conf is here
revision 1.1
date: 2004/02/12 00:58:47;  author: sweda;  state: Exp;
Initial revision

sixthday-radmind:; rlog lfs-kernel-server-1.1.0.T

RCS file: RCS/lfs-kernel-server-1.1.0.T,v
Working file: lfs-kernel-server-1.1.0.T
transcript: lfs-kernel-server-1.1.0.T

enabled 64GB memory (PAE)
turned ECN on (will disable with sysctl)
enabled module support
revision 1.1
date: 2004/02/12 01:44:10; author: sweda; state: Exp;
Initial revision
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Katarina Lukaszewicz
part of Blackops oncall and technical administrative support
for UMCE services