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umce linux dell gx270 transcript

I've made a command file and posted a few remaining bits of glue that
together can be used to load a Dell GX270 with UMCE linux "from
scratch" (well, really, "from radmind".)  This includes openafs, x11r6,
a kernel that supports the hardware, the usual lot of nice utilities,
and the necessary glue to make it all work.

This does not include "tvtwm", "xlock", or "xv"; I've built those
(mostly in the process of assuring myself that openafs worked) but
expect those won't really be of general interest to others.  [ I lied.
I accidently included tvtwm. ]

The command file is
and a sample machine entry using this is "francis.ifs.umich.edu".  You
should be able to clone the special files for this machine, hack &
adjust as necessary, install on your favorite gx270, and get something

Various small points of interest:
 * this is not running the generic kernel (it is installed,
	but not in lilo) - it's instead running "server-ifs".
 * it will fail soon after boot doing the red text thing.
	That's because it's trying to load a load module
	for the generic kernel that's built into server-ifs.
 * the usb keyboard doesn't work right away once it gets to
	the red text mode.  Be patient; in about 15 seconds
	you'll see kernel messages when it's recognized,
	and then you can press return and ignore it.
 * You can reboot the machine using control-alt-del, and you
	can also experiment with using the alt-sysreq key
	and see just how broken that is (the functionality
	is all there, but I suppose you could try to claim
	that the unobvious user interface is a design feature...)
 * the password file is almost certainly wrong for you.
	You did remember to reset the root password when you installed,
	didn't you?  If not, boot with the command line "linux2.4.24 S".
 * this command file is supposed to include tip.  Somebody
	seems to have got rid of the lfs transcript that I
	thought I made of tip.  Minicom survived the purge.  You
	won't miss the pam enabled openssh even that much.
 * mdw-francis-pos.T is sort of a grab bag of miscellaneous
	stuff, not all obvious.  There's a bit of grub,
	oh, look, tvtwm *is* there..., a resolv.conf that
	you will want to change, and even a copy of
	the c++ runtime library that I believe either
	mathematica or splus wanted.
There are probably plenty of other surprises; this isn't
a finished product and I don't have plans to do more; this
is an opportunity for all of you to build on what I did.
Personally I'm hoping mozilla shows up soon, but I
might settle for konqueror or even galleon.

I have a boot cd image that can be used to install this.  I have a
copy of this, and Steve Kolasa also has a copy.  Steve also knows
where an iso image lives, knows how to use the cd, and can make you
more copies if you find the appropriate bribe.  Or you can wait a bit;
I gather Martin will be burning an "improved" boot cd soon.  Or I've
got a tarball of the scripts that I used to make the boot cd; it goes
from radmind to .iso and you can use this to roll your own (this
actually belongs in cvs.)