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LFS 2004-02-10 meeting notes

Sorry for being so late on sending these out...

UMCE Linux meeting, tuesday, Feb. 10th.


    x kernel
        naming procedure
        linking with notes
    transcript naming and versioning

x USB keyboard support in kernel

large swap partition support ( > 2GB )


Separation of linux development from radmind

glibc rollout procedure (high priority due to security)

CVS Repository meeting results

* Certs
    - not used on CD
    - mass installs get custom CD with short term cert

* Server concerns
- With a single radmind user, all files are available to all deployments
- keytabs
- unencrypted certs
- Possible issue that no one is concerned with today
- Could use UNIX permissions if it does become an issue
- Perhaps groups?

* Jane will be sending out information later on this week on base load package associations and similar information for applications development for Login and Sites

* USB keyboard support in kernel
    - Dell desktop machines
    - 2650 for head-full use
	   - For stats packages?  Ask Bennet what this might be for.
    - Does work for bios with correct settings
    - Don't want because it is extra crap
    - Requires ram disk

* Should server kernel support a head?
    - PS/2 keyboard support

* New Dell's do have VGA port on front of machine

* Martin will look into USB support on SuperMicros

Number of kernel versions
- Can be problematic if there are numerous kernels when critical rebuilds are required
- Are we going to have "the one true kernel" ?
we have not yet diverged, but potentially:
- server
- multiuser

* lfs-kern-server
    - Martin, Sean

* lfs-kern-multi
    - Jane, Adam, Rodger, Patrick, Marcus
    - in the process of analyzing to compile list of differences
    - Report back in 4 weeks
    - Includes VGA and USB support

* kernel (and other transcript) naming procedure linking with notes
- want one to one relationship between transcript name and notes in CVS
- lfs-kern-<function>-<version>.T notes are found in kern-<function>
- transcripts are in RCS
- Build notes are "./config" + useful notes
- CVS comments contain deltas of changes
- entire cvs log gives history of unversioned transcript
- should include delta and transcript name generated for each commit
- template for CVS comments
- RCS comments should be the same as the CVS comments
- What about patches?
- Marcus would like them separate from the build notes
- patches
- config file
- directions
- Sean & Martin will will write README and pass it on for comments
- Sean & Martin will create lfs-kern-server-1.1.0.T & document changes

* CVS naming convention
    - lfs-<app>-<local-version>.T
    - lfs-gcc2953-1.00.T
    - general consensus --> lfs-<pkg>[pkg vers]-<local vers>.T
    - if transcript has lfs- name:
        - must be in RCS
        - must be in use
        - must be in CVS
    - move non-finished .Ts to non "lfs-" prefixed names
    - Sean will update README in lfs CVS area to reflect naming scheme

* glibc rollout procedure (high priority due to security)
- glibc has been built that addresses a known security bug
- glibc should be merged into lfs-base and cut a new version (1.2.0 to be completed by 2/11/04)

* CVS Repository meeting results
    - going to set up a dedicated Code Store in the future
        - CVS repository
        - tar ball archive / repository
    - the interim server will be staff.gpcc.itd.umich.edu
    - multi-user OS (equillibrium does not support this feature)
    - isolated host
    - RAID
    - backups
    - non-build host
    - please send any feedback to Jane

- Wes found that LFS notes useful but found some that other parts were only found by trial and error

The next UMCE linux meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 24th, in room 2525, building 3.
* Gab doing notes
* Willie running meeting
* Start with a few comments about running meeting