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generic linux 2.4.25 kernel

I built a generic 2.4.25 kernel (oodles of modules) similar
to previous generic kernels I've built.  I also built an
afs module for this beast, and this time I have a lilo.conf
file also.  In theory, by adding these 3 lines, you can
run this kernel as well:
	p lfs-openafs-1.2.11-cm-g2425.T
	p mdw-kern-generic-2.4.25-1.T
	p mdw-dell-2425.T
So far, the result works for me on a dell gx270, including x & afs.
I imagine these transcript names will change soon enough.
In the current scheme of things, I believe this is your chance
to "vet" these and see if they meet your needs, before
they earn a new name hopefully starting with "lfs-".
	gpcc-gendesktop.T (part?) ???

At least as I understand our new naming scheme there's no way to tell
which "cm" goes with which kernel, and can't be because it's
a "many-many" relationship.  Several different openafs cachemanagers
built for different kernels might belong with the same version of the
rest of the openafs client software; successive versions of openafs
might exist for the same kernel.

Desktops need a different lilo.conf because they use /dev/hda1 instead
of /dev/sda1.

I've updated the build note I had for "kernel/generic", and I created a
new build note, "kernel/initrd", which describes how to build the
accompaning ramdisk image.

I've created another new note for openafs, which isn't complete but
probably contains almost enough detail to build the cache manager.