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umce linux 2 - another progress report

Ok, 2 things came up:

(1) fixing up the xml stuff and preparing the build environment
	is turning out to be more of a bear than I had expected.
	So I don't expect to get this done tonight after all.

(2) I know some people were caught off-guard by the short notice
	I was able to give for thursday morning.  As it turns
	out, they didn't actually miss much; but I want to give
	them a chance to share in the excitement as well.

So, I'm going to postpone this at least until monday.  I'll be spending
friday finishing up what I won't be able to get done tonight, and I'll
be ready starting monday to do the actual build.  People who are
interested in participating should send me e-mail indicating when they
will be available; I'll select the earliest time everybody will be
available and we can proceed from there.  Come to think of it, probably
that should be tuesday as the earliest; that will give time for people
to respond & for me to announce it.

Useful homework for people who want to maximize their usefulness: read
the LFS 5.1 book, and come talk to me about what's happened and what's
left to be done.  Very likely I may come seeking you.