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umce linux 2.0 whiteboard meeting

Hm.  I don't seem to see the mail I thought I had sent out about this.
Anyways, this is what I meant to send out tuesday:

Clearly friday 10a is out due to the security town hall
meeting & several people's commitments.  I've cancelled the
room reservation.  The next logical times to try this are:

1. monday 1:30p
2. monday 3p
3. monday 10a

and if none of those work out,
4. schedule this for sure at the next umce linux meeting on tuesday.

Please let me know if you can't make one or more of these times.
I would like to let Linda know by thursday 5p what time we will
be meeting.  This will increase our chances of not having to meet
in the lobby or in the UMCE work room in the basement.

Again, here is the agenda I hope we can cover:
"make world":
	describe the issues we hope to solve with this process
	describe the build process
	go through the software package list we have, identify
		any omissions, additions, or configuration issues