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umce linux 2.0 whiteboard meeting

Ok.  I haven't gotten back very many responses.  But
I'd like to have whatever we can get for tuesday anyways.

So, those of us who are interested and have time will be
getting together
	1:30p monday march 8.
Hopefully Linda can find us a place to meet (or perhaps the weather
will still be nice.)  If Linda or I haven't posted a room assignment,
we can congregate outside my office, and I'll post a pointer on my
office as to where we decide to wander.  We'll go through the agenda I
posted earlier, finishing with Aaron's list of packages.  Tuesday is
the regular umce linux meeting.  We'll present whatever we came up
with, then solicit a consensus regarding scheduling, which people need
to be involved, timeliness of result, etc.

It would be helpful if you could post something saying you
can make it that time (and we should wait for you) or you can't
but wanted to be involved.  So far I've heard from kasthuri
kelleyam, and rdevine regarding this time.