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cvs meeting 2004-3-5 notes

Common CVS repository:


Tina, Rick, Martha, Jane, Sean, Willie, Wes, Patrick, Gavin, Dave S, Roger E, Kevin, Marcus

Several people from WATS attended.

Martha: uses webmaster's repository for development
WATS Ops: currently ad hoc
Webobjects: already in CVS
Webmaster: three repositories:
web development - (WATS folks who do dev in the webmaster's environment)
webmaster -
public -
RSUG: on terminator, with cvsweb
Marcus: CVS, RCS
Jane: most source code for GPCC is in a central area, but smaller pieces are scattered. For IFS/IAA source code may be version controlled using RCS or CVS but is not in single location.

How do we restore a machine that dies? Options: just radmind radmind + restore radmind + checkout cvs projects synctree + ad hoc ad hoc

CVS criteria:
	- user secure OS (multi-user/time share hardened)
	- backups
	- user & group management, authN/Z
	- anonymous CVS mirror
		passwords in the source of web applications
	- new or existing server
	- legacy (Solaris) or not (Linux)
	- CVSWeb or Chora
	- tarball archive area
	- RPM archive area (separate or included with tarball area)

	no such thing as a temporary solution
	no more effort into legacy systems
	how much effort should we expend on staff servers?
	would like a solution that can be set up relatively quickly

Repository in AFS:
Win: if the repository is replicated
location independence, tho CVS itself gets that
Lose: CVS is a volatile environment, so AFS replication is hard
Degraded performance
Circular dependency for AFS & Kerberos source
Note: People can still check out CVS to AFS and AFS client will be available.

We agreed UMCE CVS repository will reside on EQ.
    - Resources for backup and disk can be met
    - Not a legacy system
    - is already a general purpose production Linux staff server
    - already an unofficial tar & rpm repository.

    - Web Server ( web team )
    - CVS Web or otherwise ( web team )
    - user level security ( martin )
    - RAID ( martin )
    - authn/authz ( tabled )
    - who gets root ( tabled )
        - rest root
        - sudo
    - account access ( WATS )
    - afs client ( Jane/Patrick )
    - repartition machine ( martin/sean )
    - review transcript
        - remove LDAP personality ( martin/sean )

Next meeting: March 19