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Server Access

At some point we will need to have a discussion about managing loadsets
for a common UMCE Linux. Current loadsets live on terminator, and most of
the bits and pieces of what went into the loadsets live on equilibrium.
In order for others in UMCE to contribute back to the project, there needs
to be somewhere we can all write, as well as read. So, to start the
discussion, here are some questions.

--  Should we all share a common radmind server?
--  Should the radmind server be separate for Linux and Solaris?
--  Is this best done with a shared account (radmind? root?)
--  How shall we divide up responsibility for loadsets?
--  Should we share a common development server for building software?

and many others that I have no doubt missed. Perhaps if folks weigh in on
this via e-mail, we could come to some sort of consensus about what we
should do, and then we can do it.

Thanks, -- Bennet