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umce linux 2.0 whiteboard meeting monday 3-29

This is just a reminder that there's another
meeting to discuss "umce linux 2.0" et al this coming monday:
	room 2701, building 1
	monday 2004-03-29 2-3:30pmish.

What's probably on this agenda, maybe in this order is:

summarize goals -- anything left?
bootcd #1 -- discuss goals, methodology, who's interested, etc.
	I'm mainly looking for discussion on what we should discuss
	in future meetings - not the actual discussions.
timelines, scheduling, and all that -- what concerns do we have here?
	what deliverables do we have?
build how often?
	? how big a change in base before you would bother to
		test & upgrade?
	? how important is it to be up to date?
	? dealing with testing & deployment
	? dealing with security holes or other emergency updates
	? incremental piecemeal builds vs. periodic from the
		ground up builds.
	? 1 vs. 2: review server & timesharing/desktop "multi-user"
		needs re above and consider: do the two
		have enough commonality to share builds?
	anything else?
automatic vs. manual build
	make, giant shell script, manually, xml/alfs
	up front effort vs. ongoing effort
	how well does each accomplish goals?

Things probably for the future:
bootcd #2 - methodology, package selection, who works on it, etc.
review individual package configuration.

If you have any additions, corrections, suggestions, whatever for the
agenda please feel free to speak up, or better yet type them up and
send them out.  Probably best to avoid use of RFC 1149 this time of year.

				- Marcus