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Re: finger?

I don't see any linux finger binaries on sixthday, but I could easily
build one in about 10 minutes if it's useful.  I'd be building
"bsd-finger" which provides finger and fingerd, probably from debian
and/or netkit.  With just a bit more work, I can also get a hardened
version - for fingerd, there's an @ redirection thing that needs to be
looked at; for finger, it's useful if it does something useful about
control characters, really big .plans, and symbolic links to
non-files.  I have code that does both of this, so it's just a matter
of doing some random amount of mixing & matching.

I imagine sites has plans here as well, but I don't know their

If you want instant gratification, here's a binary
straight from debian, that happens to work on umce linux (that has glibc 2.3.2):