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Re: umce linux 2.0 "os" meeting 4-26

It turns out that Sean is home really sick.  I believe Wes
has some sort of conflict as well.  That makes it kind of
hard to review the "manifesto".   So a couple of options:

(1) if the wes/sweda have something to review, wait a week.
(2) if wes/sweda have nothing to review, take a wack at
	making an outline today
(3) postpone it a week regardless.  Hate to do this given
	we didn't meet last week...
(4) try for a special meeting friday (or whatever works best for
	people), then meet regularly next monday.

If anybody has intelligence on (1) please let me know.
If anybody would like to work on (2) please also let me know.

What do people think?