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Re: hardware list

Andrew Douglas Inman <ainman@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Not including the random hardware that marucs has from all over, or the sites
> hardware we've purchase 3 types of hardware (eq is uniq piece of hardware as
> well I guess).
> (mostly mr and web boxes)
> CWI,Supermicro motherboards,  dual 2.8Mhz processors, 4GB of RAM, dual GB interfaces with two 18GB 15krpm disks, cdrom/floppy.
> (new eq/ultraviolet and some web db servers)
> CWI,Supermicro motherboards, dual 2.8Mhz procs, 4GB of RAM, dual GB interfaces
> with an adaptec 0 channel raid card (AIC-7902) with 10 36GB 15krpm disks.
> (bunches of new stuff)
> Dell 1750, dual 3.0Mhz procs, 4Gb of RAM, dual GB interfaces, with 2 36GB
> 15krpm disks.
> We have it working with some dell 2750 (for stats) with older IDE RAID
> stuff.
>          -- Andrew

The stats machines were Dell 2650's.  There may be a 2750
coming out; if so it's very new.  I believe the Dell 2650 used
internal SCSI raid ("aacraid").

Most of the supermicros we have are "supermicro 6013p-8".
The original eq was a "supermicro 6012p-6".
The web servers (and the new eq) are "supermicro 7043p-8r",
and use i2o internal raid.

All of the server machines are dual pentium 4 machines, and
excepting machines that need lots of disk, tend to have just
2 internal scsi drives with no raid.

For desktop machines, sites has dell gx400's, and we have internally
a scattering of gx270's in two sizes of case.  I think we can say those are
"supported".  These are both pentium 4 uniprocessors with ide disk.

I've also gotten umce linux to run experimentally on dell gx1 and gx1p,
but I wouldn't say those are supported, merely possibly useful coincidence.
That's probably the oldest hardware that we could use; it works
because the pentium // was the earliest 686, and the gx1/gx1p bios
is the earliest dell bios I know to have adequate el torito support.