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aldf power consumption spreadsheet

I've put a copy of the aldf power consumption spreadsheet that
I got from sjg in
see the README file for what exactly's there; I've got
the original excel spreadsheet and several ascii variations.
I was able to read the original using kspread and gnumerics
under linux, for those who like me choose not to run a windows

The spreadsheet comes in 3 sections, a plaintext "notes", power
consumption by circuit, and power consumption by row.  I think the "by
circuit" is the most interesting -- this can usually be used to
quantify power consumption down to the per-rack basis.  The only catch
is that you have to find out which circuits correspond to which racks,
and the only way I know to do this is to go down and read the labels on
the power outlets above the racks.

I believe the figures in this spreadsheet are about 1-2 months old,
so for those cases where people have recently moved or reconfigured
stuff, the numbers are probably out of date.

Interesting uses of this data include:
	identify hot spots in the data center, talk to the powers
		that be about redirecting a/c to those sections.
		(presuming, of course, that we want equal temperature
		and don't want to discriminate against people
		who use their rack space most efficiently.)
	try to come up with per-machine figures to identify (for instance)
		space, btu, cpu per typical 1u linux box
		space, btu, cpu per typical cwi solaris box
		space, btu, cpu per acnc raid
		space, btu, cpu for "other hardware" other groups have
			similar to what we may want in the future (amd64?)