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UMCE Linux: Minute 06/01/2004

to do from this meeting:
o everyone must upgrade to 2.4.26 before the next meeting. Sean has graciously agreed to send us reminders the next two Mondays, but slackers will be duly pilloried at the next meeting.
o Kevin will investigate Grub Classic (tm)
o we still need a tool to manage tasks. doesn't seem like footprints is that tool.
o someone needs to investigate ConsoleServer software for use with Digi
o Bill and Martin will meet with Roy to discus per port console server access (radius + takacs)
o Patrick and Jane will document why changes have been made to the desktop kernel wrt the server kernel and send it to the group for review
o Someone should work on IPTables userland software (akbailey may have been volunteered)
o Gab will contact people (presumably about TODO list)
o Sean will contact krb5.conf keeper and make sure we're running the official krb5.conf. Is this Kevin Coffman?

minutes courtesy rodger:

Attending: Wes, Patrick, Marcus, Rodger, Rick, Andy, Sean, Martin, Jane, Bill, Aaron, Albert, Kevin

Facilitator: Kevin
Note Taker: Rodger

Footprints: Kelleyam: Doesn't support hierarchy, all-or-nothing access control

	Legacy Grub - only bug fixes
	Grub 2 - Not ready for prime time
	Gruijin - Possible alternative
	Kevin will investigate Grub 1

Power and console
Martin sent chart.
Jane would like to see machines boot from powerup
Marcus suggests that we investigate 'ConsoleServer' software
Marcus has a protoype console server with X running on a GX270
Bill talked to Roy about sharing console servers. Not clear that this is an opportunity to work together
*Action: Bill and Martin will meet with Roy to discus per port console server access (radius + takacs)
Andrew recommends that the digi etherlite console server be placed on a physical private network for each console
Sean would like to have a console sever available ASAP
The beepage console server requires resolving modem and kernel issues
One option is to have many modems enabled

User Security:
	Identified staff and hardware for intial testing

Migratation to kernel 2.4.26
Only directory has been upgraded so far
Mail, virus filtering, and file servers kernel upgrade has been delegated
WebTeam has not upgraded yet
Marcus has tested Cache Manager with new kernel
Attempts to consolidate kernels have been made, but more forking documentation is needed
*Action: Patrick and Jane will document why changes have been made to the desktop kernel and send it to the group
for review
*Action: Review list that was sent out and prune/clean up/document as necessary; verify that no machines with local
root exploits are in commission
*Action: Sean will send list out weekly for review until next meeting

Userland IP Tables
it's support in the 2.4.26 kernel
*Action: Jane will investigate if Alan Bailey (akbailey) has available cycles to work on this

Tasks (todo list):
	Still some people's lists not in the "task" app.
		*Action: Gab will contact people.

64-bit support project: Jason (jsonn) has been tasked to work on this

               mitk5-<   >
    acceptable to use heimdal and mitk5 symlinks?
    will use heimdalk5 and mitk5 symlinks

heimdal and mitk5 will be maintained as separate application transcripts
a general krb5.conf file will be included in base with proper realms, kdcs, etc.
*Action: Sean will contact krb5.conf keeper

Meeting Business
Andrew has 2 part-time staff working on Linux projects whose meetings conflict with this meeting
New meeting day? M, Th, F
Frequency? one a month?

	IMAP hardware chosen, at Purchasing.
	*Action:  Andrew will check with Dianne to make sure PO ships to vendor
        *Action:  Sean will track shipping status

Andrew will check with Purch until it arrives at vendor, Sean will keep touching base with vendor.
Katarina did some initial work of reconfiguring EQ disk space; after machine is ready for prime-time, migration from terminator will take place
Marcus has spreadsheet for power consumption, he'll share.