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Re: meeting time reschedule

Meetings after 4pm don't work well for me personally. What time(s) Wed morning are available?


Andrew Douglas Inman wrote:
I'm recommending we move the UMCE linux meeting from it's current Tuesday
timeslot to another one so the two half time staff members from gpcc
can attend (as they're the ones working on the linux stuff.)

They're only available M,W,Th.  People seem adverse to a Monday meeting
(due to weekend issues and lack of time to announce things).  Thursday
is gavin's staff meeting, in the morning, afternoon is gpcc, ifs and
webmaster meetings.

This basically leaves Wednesday morning, or Wednesday afternoon after 3pm
on the altnerating weeks we don't have tech forum/afs-wg (these are at the
same time).  This is the old meeting time of 3:30-5pm on Wednesday?

How do people feel about that time?

-- Andrew


Jeff Cousineau
ITCS WATS, University of Michigan