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call for agenda items, take 2

Anyone have anything interesting to talk about at tomorrow's meeting?

Here is our list of things to do from the last meeting. If I don't receive anything new, I'll create an agenda from these, and assign them to people. ;)

o everyone must upgrade to 2.4.26 before the next meeting. Sean has graciously agreed to send us reminders the next two Mondays, but slackers will be duly pilloried at the next meeting.
o Kevin will investigate Grub Classic (tm)
o we still need a tool to manage tasks. doesn't seem like footprints is that tool.
o someone needs to investigate ConsoleServer software for use with Digi
o Bill and Martin will meet with Roy to discus per port console server access (radius + takacs)
o Patrick and Jane will document why changes have been made to the desktop kernel wrt the server kernel and send it to the group for review
o Someone should work on IPTables userland software (akbailey may have been volunteered)
o Gab will contact people (presumably about TODO list)
o Sean will contact krb5.conf keeper and make sure we're running the official krb5.conf. Is this Kevin Coffman?

Thanks - Willie

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