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meeting notes - 06/30/04

Agenda Review - Albert - 5

Announcements - Anyone - 5
- Bus Passes expire today. Go to parking office to get a new one! Jason knows how to get them through the mail.
- subetha2 keeps crashing, we're using subetha1
- umweb has oracle 10g running on umce linux
- (installer looks for /etc/redhatrelease file)
- server transcript exists, client transcript coming
- first umweb oracle database running on linux in testing right now (lyris), will move to production in the next week or so; depends on Lyris folks
- sweda - if you're running applications that are threaded, hyperthreading is good, if not, you may see a benefit from turning it off... he mentions page from IBM that has benchmarks.

Linux Login servers - Allen - 5 -------------------------------- - allen is working on one, seems to be running - got PTS based pam module running - hass to document his build process - built on machine called smith

IPtables - Allen - 10
- built on a machine called smith
- it's built but unconfigured
- Andrew would like to discuss a default config
- should we have a default configuration?
- sweda - should the default configuration be to not have it on?
- gelle - config that has stuff commented out, and iptables turned off
- ueda - should have a blank config that only has comments
- clunis - presumably if we have a default configuration file that covers all the machines, then the sites and imap machines will have to have be able to connect to the webservers..
- liamr - default configuration that turns off all ports only allowing ssh from radmind / nefu servers?
- akbailey - iptables can lock you out of the serial console
- subgroup to evalute this? ueda, sweda.. clunis organized by Kevin
- it would be great to have a template where people could fill in their own localized values

/var/log/kern - Liam/Anyone else - 5
- Sean has a cronjob that sends email from the kernel
- Marcus suggested that we have a system map that matches the kernel, we do and we aren't getting the boot or kernel messages. When we have disk or other hardware problems, it's being sent to console. Webteam is rather interested. It sounds like Sean and Liam should work together to diff configs and they will share the results of mis-matching.

- Sean would like to get sendmail core files. Perhaps they can work out a trade. The latest version of apache doesn't need Liam's magic goo... although slapd does dump core for Sean. (linux > 2.4 won't dump core for processes that change their effective uid... apache 1.3.31 handles this... earlier versions can use a module called mod_prctl)

Stats linux / 64-bit hardware - Jason - 10 -------------------------------- - working with amd64 hardware - should we add the differences from their kernel config back? - they have a config that is working, and they will move on from there.

2.6 kernel - Albert - 15
- Are there any plans to migrate from 2.4 to 2.6 kernel?
- the current release is 2.6.7
- clunis - we do intend to update to the 2.6 branch.. should someone be working it for umce linux?
- if we're going to upgrade in the next 6 mos, he'd rather start it sooner than later
- sweda - switching to 2.6 for 2.6 sake isn't something he'd do...
- but if a security vulnerablity came out... he'd still be compelled to patch 2.4
- if there's a compelling reason, yeah.. but what has it done for him lately? (for example, if it did hyperthreading better)
- martin will look into what 2.6 would get us (he'd thought we were going to wait until 2.6.10?)

Un-forking multiuser kernel - Everyone - 10
- sweda - had a discussion with mcneal - nothing between the "server" kernel and "multiuser" kernel that's a show stopper
- should we unfork the kernels when we move to 2.6?
- jsonn - why were the original kernel configuration choices made? should the 64 bit kernel be as close to the 32bit config
as possible
- for the time being, 32bit v 64bit already needs to be forked

TODO list software (any new suggestions ?) - Gabi - 5
- task managment software - gelle'll check slashdot and links provided by wes and mcneal
- gabi wants sean's list which, presumably, includes "give this list to gab."

CVS - Jane - 5
- Jane is still interested in CVS
- katarina brought up new eq (uv) , but new eq is currently hosed.
- umweb can bring up web based cvs interace on uv
- we're backrevved on cvs - needs to be upgraded to latest version
- sweda will email group when uv is back up
- mjsager will bring eq back up so people can be get to stuff if they need to, but the existing CVS repository is on terminator

Cartel report
- jane, kevin, wes at the cartel meeting at MIT
- noone's doing linux like we are, but everyone's moving to linux like we are (except for columbia, who is denying their transition)
- noone's agreed on a distribution
- most everyone's doing the subtractive / additive thing that we used to do with solaris

transcript cleanup -------------------------------- - martin cleaned up his stuff - willie's trying to get people using new mysql

next meeting - july 14th, 3pm facilitator - akbailey note taker - mjsager