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umce.linux meeting 07/14 3pm

Are there other agenda requests? This list was derived from last weeks
meeting minutes.

- is subetha2 working? (5min)
- node eq/uv status (5min)
- 64 bit LINUX (jsonn) (5min)
- Moving to 2.6 kernel (10min)
- task management software (gelle) (5min)
- CVS (ueda) (5min)
- iptables subgroup status (ueda, sweda, clunis) (10min)
- transcript cleanup (5min)

(Time may very. Check your local listings)

Allen Bailey
The University of Michigan            |  http://www.umich.edu/~akbailey
ITCS Contract Services/GPCC           |  fax: 734-936-4919
akbailey@xxxxxxxxx                    |  cellphone: 734-355-9332