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minutes, 7/13/04

Agenda 7/13/04 =================

This week's agenda:
- is subehta 2 working?
- node eq status
- 64 bit linux (jsonn)
- login server: which PTS groups?

postponed topics, due to absenses:
- moving to 2.6 kernel
- task management software (gelle) - on hold
- CVS (ueda)
- iptables subgroup status (gelle) - on hold
- transcript clean
- what is quorum? (decision vs. discussion, etc.)

Present: clunis, katarina, marcus,

is subehta 2 working? ------------------------- It was Liam's fault :) we're moving on.

node eq status
possible battery problem.  katarina is ordering.  ultraviolet is up &
getting backed up -- please use it.
Allen needs an account, Katarina is working on it, DONE

64 bit linux (jsonn)
Kernel: 2.6.7
the machine not only has a 64-bit kernel, but is booting umce linux. Needs glibc & some other things.

login server: which PTS groups?
there may be a group that has most of ITCS or UMCE members in it
already, Allen will do a search

central CVS system:
Kevin will build CVS on ultraviolet (the old eq)

Next meeting:
Wednesday, July 28th 3:00-4:30pm
Facilitator: Jason
Minutes: Katarina

Present: clunis, katarina, marcus, jason, albert, tony, willie, martin, andrew, rick, allen