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"test" machine room labeling

I just got through stringing a serial cable from one end to the other
of the test lab.  Naturally, to avoid confusing people with blank
cables going who knows where, or worse yet, having my serial cable
stolen in the mistaken belief it went to drno, I wanted to attach
labels at each end describing where the cable was going.  In order to
do that, I had to label the racks (A2-A9, B1-B8).  So, if you're
wondering why those strange hand-written labels on the tops of the
racks happened, now you know.

(Note to wwb/adbisaro/mjsager or the powers that be; I want
to get about 3 more of those long cables, 4 more rg45
to db9 adapters wired up for digi ports, also 1 or 2 rg45 to db25s
for suns.)