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eq, fsck, & all that

One of the problems with equilibrium is that somehow it had the same
filename twice in a directory (/dev/MAKEDEV).

We appear to currently have e2fsprogs 1.32 on all our machines.
Version 1.33 has an interesting fix -- "E2fsck now finds most duplicate
filenames".  The current version is 1.35.  See
if you want more details on what changed.

I built a copy of 1.35 and ran it on equilibrium.  Problem
seem to be fixed.  It found /dev/MAKEDEV and renamed it,
and radmind was then able to make that go away and fix
the other problems.  A reboot after that didn't show any
new problems.

I've got build notes & a transcript for "e2fsprogs" and
"lfs-e2fsprogs-1.35.T" in the usual places.  I plan on merging
e2fsprogs into lfs-base sometime this weekend.