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lfs-base-1.2.3.T: e2fsprogs 1.35

I've cut a new version of the base, lfs-base-1.2.3.T, which has
e2fsprogs 1.35.

You will probably want to upgrade to this sometime soon.  The version
of fsck that was previously in the base was probably 1.32, and it has
apparently been caught not repairing filesystem damage at least 3 times
here within umce.  One of those cases was eq.  Without the fixed fsck,
about your only recourse was "mkfs" the filesystem and basically start

One caveat: e2fsprogs uses shared libraries, and installing it updates
/etc/ld.so.cache.  If you have installed other software that had updated
ld.so.cache at installation time, you may need to rerun "lddconfig" and
capture the changes made by e2fsprogs in the underlying base.