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install notes for umce linux

A while ago, I asked akbailey to record what he
did when he installed umce linux.  Here's what he
sent me:
This is somewhat dated and specific to him; I mainly mention it to
avoid confusion.

Very recently, I wrote up some notes on what I was doing to partition
and install machines to be iaa kdc machines.  In a large part, this was
so that I could have 4 machines that were all "the same".
I made some effort to document where what I was doing was at variance
with the "default", and recoveries for a few common mistakes.  My
expectation is that each group should end up with one or more of these
customized to production hardware.

For the purposes of publicity & education, it might be useful if we had
a "generic" install guide that gave you a plain vanilla machine, and a
separate document that describes how to customize what you put on a
machine and encourages you to clone & customize the install guide if
you plan to have multiple machines in production.  Even for our
"one-off" machines, this can be useful - I probably could have saved
catarina some grief if I have left her and sweda notes on what I
did with eq rather than leaving them with a puzzle.

I know patrick has some sort of "do the whole install" script for sites
desktops, which I believe is out in radmind.  I seem to recall being
told the web folks have something as well, not sure what.  I don't know
that either of these are generally applicable to the rest of us, but
I'd like to see us at least share more knowledge of each other's
install procedures.