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notes from umce linux meeting 7/28

Here's the notes. Thanks Kevin for scribing. I neglected to ask for volunteers to facilitate and scribe the next meeting. So, we'll have to decide that over email, or at the beginning of the next meeting.

UMCE Linux 7 28 2004

Attending: Liam, Tony, Jeff Jason, Kevin, Marcus, Sean, Albert, Andrew, Wes

* Task Management Software ( gelle )
    tabled to next meeting

* iptable subgroup status ( clunis & sweda)
    sean has verified that the iptables software actually works.
    the subgroup met and agreed that iptables will be present but off by default in the base transcript.  this will include an example iptables conf shell script  of standard rules:  not allowing private network traffic, restricting ssh, restricting http, ntp, etc.  Kevin agreed to write this default set of commands and return it to the subgroup for evaluation.  This isn't done yet.  Please send mail to Kevin if you're interested in attending the next subgroup meeting.

* linux login service ( akbailey )
    tabled to next meeting due to not-thereness of mr bailey.
    smith.gpcc.itd.umich.edu is test box
    anyone with a login account can access this machine
    moving to LDAP for user data and pam for authn/authz

* CVS ( clunis )
    ultraviolet ( old eq hardware ) is up
    eq is new hardware
    Kevin will contact Katarina and find out what the deal is, which machine we're supposed to be using, why she thought he'd be interested in ultraviolet being up, etc.
* LSA update ( mcneal )
    Martin and Patrick met with LSA IT today and help setup a test box
    They are moving away from Solaris and want to focus on:
        - linux
        - using campus infrastructure ( AFS, Directory, etc. )
        - clustering
* fsck ( sweda )
    - marcus found a big bug
        - doesn't fix duplicate file names and directories
    - EVERYONE should move to new base lfs-base-1.2.3.T

* New base
    Sean has some things to merge in
        - new radmind
        - krb5.conf
        - sasl
    He will create a new base and notify e-mail group.
    Kevin and Marcus have input

* 64-bit linux ( jsonn )
    - 2.6.7 kernel running on UMCE linux
    - 64 bit glibc, gcc, and binutils
    - has a working compile environment
    - needs to create transcripts and documentation
    - Check AFS with 2.6 kernel
    - Goal is to compile 64 bit apps as need and have them sit o 32 bit os
    - Marcus: unlike Suns, AMD 64 bit hardware is actually faster than 32 bit hardware.

* Development Radmind Server ( mcneal )
    LSA does want access to a radmind server, but don't feel comfortable having full access to our production server.
    Would like a test bed that has our loadsets
    Patrick would like to rsync non-secure loadsets to test box.
    Could use xserve, or any hardware - does not need to be backed up

* Super Tux ( clunis )
    Kevin shared Chris's amazing SuperTux logo.
* Transcript Cleaning ( all )
    Sean has some ideas, but he has no time until September
    Patrick will startup a subgroup to address this
    Need to create nag scripts
        - unused transcripts
        - marcus has some perl scripts

* New hardware for sixthday
    tabled until september

* Move to 2.6 kernel ( all )
    2.6 is being used for 64bit kernel
    OpenAFS is working
    PAGs are not
    There is not going to be a 2.7 for sometime
    Kernel guys are going to focus on features, and let vendors back port and stabilize code.
* What is a quorum? ( all )
    tabled until next time