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next umce linux meeting

I think it goes without saying that tomorrow's meeting is cancelled.

On Aug 5, 2004, at 5:38 PM, Jason Sonnenschein wrote:
I neglected to ask for volunteers to facilitate and scribe the next meeting. So, we'll have to decide that over email, or at the beginning of the next meeting.

I'd be willing to facilitate the next meeting, if someone is willing to take notes. Does anyone have discussion topics they'd like to talk about? Now the question is, do we:

a) reschedule for thursday (the 12th) at 3
b) reschedule for next wednesday (the 18th) at 3
c) simply cancel, and meet again on the 25th, as planned

Please respond to just me with your preference. If I get at least 8 votes (with a representative from at least 3 groups) for option a or b, then we'll hold that meeting.

- Willie

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