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dptutil build notes for adaptec i2o raid (2010s) (was: Re: rpm experts?)

I've made build notes for dptutil, which are now in CVS on terminator.

I've installed a transcript 'mdw-dptutil.T' on sixthday, which I
believe is functionally identically with what's in "lfs-dptutil.T".  The
binaries I built are smaller, which may mean any of:
	my compiler is more efficient and produces smaller code.
	I found older source with exciting old bugs.
	I did something else strange and different.
i tried these binaries on eq.  In a very cursory trial, they
*seem* to work fine.  I don't know of any reason why this
version is necessarily better or worse, other than it
doesn't depend on scary old libraries.

I also copied to equillibrium my build tree for dptutil and
the tarball and patch file with which I started.  Adaptec seems
to no longer be distributing source to this utility or, at least,
they make it hard to find.

In any event, Katarina had been looking for source to this
and had an interest in improving the logging functions.
Hopefully this will cover all of the bases where she had been looking.