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Re: imap, pine speed, proxyd

This is really exciting Marcus! I'm getting that teamwork buzz =)

I don't think you'll hear from Wes or Sean until morning,
if that's the kind of mail you're looking for.


On Aug 21, 2004, at 11:29 PM, Marcus Watts wrote:

Ok, I think I have a much faster proxyd on ronin.mail.umich.edu.
In the eyeball test (sample size 1) it seems to have completed in
under 10 seconds what took the old one over 60 seconds.
Main change: don't call krb5_init_context & krb5_get_local_realm so
many times.

I'm going to go off to sweetwaters a bit, then come back, check on
mail from you folks, then based on that think about whether to try
this out on a larger scale.  I've left this running on ronin
if you wnat to try it and can get your mail client to talk to it.