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imap & all that

Where I'm at:
I've got a pine client & configuration that I can use from
linux or poweradmin, that can talk to untouchables.mail.umich.edu,
and thence to "user/mdw" on capefear.  I was hoping to use
this to test "proxyd" with what I think should be faster
"LIST * %" behavior, and put it on ronin to try it but...

As best I can tell, something unmentionably bad has happened
to the imap universe and all the machines got pulled out of
service real fast.  Looks like catarina/gelle/sweda are
working hard to put them back into service.

Ruth Addis wants an update on where things are at.  Somebody
who knows more about what's happening should probably post something
to "mail-move".  That will reach raddis, bridges, and gavin.

I don't think there's much more that's useful that I can do here.
So I'm going to go home, sleep, & I had some sunday commitments that
I'd like to keep.  I may show up very briefly about 2pm to
see what's up, and I will be back from about 8pm onwards to do
whatever is useful.  If nothing else, I should finish up the
imap onsp creation process, and see if I can make dptutil do
something useful in the logging/notification department.
I can also be reached at:
that reaches my personal cell phone which is also my home phone.