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new version of lfs-base released, lfs-rc.T is now obsolete

lfs-base-1.2.5.T is now stable

summary of changes:
revision 1.6
date: 2004/08/27 20:30:01;  author: sweda;  state: Exp;  lines: +84 -88
added default krb5.conf
change rc links so that ntp starts immediately after network comes up
ntp rc script will now make 5 attempts to set time at boot
made default named.conf more generic
added LVM support to rc scripts
update sasl, removed md5-digest & cram plugins, added login plugin
change syslog script to do SIGHUP on daily log rotation
change rc links so that runlevel 2 retains network

There is also a radmind update which fixes some bugs, but has different output than you are used to... I've been told that when a versioned release is cut that the default output will return.

In order to take advantage of the rc changes you will need to make sure that you remove lfs-rc.T from your command files. This transcript is a leftover from an attempt to manage the rc scripts separately, but it was abandoned when we decided that we would put the current stuff in "band-aid" mode while we researched a comprehensive replacement.