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Re: Digital concole stuff

Hmmm....  the old school school ones work so we could continue to maintain
the sun hardware on them.  But that said the etherlite documentation says
it should work as well.  I've dropped them an e-mail to see what they have to

I've also confirmed that the etherlite doesn't in fact allow you send a
break?  Marcus I'd love to discuss this with you in person as I have a
few theories about it.

        -- Andrew

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Marcus Watts wrote:

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> > From: Andrew Douglas Inman <ainman@xxxxxxxxx>
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> > Subject: Digital concole stuff
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> > I'm on the verge of ordering the next generation digi serial concentrators
> > to update/replace everything we currently have out there (in the UMCE).
> >
> > Martin, marcus? (or anyone), do you have any negative feedback from the
> > unit we've been testing since January that should prevent this?
> >
> > Let me know if you have any additional feedback, I plan on putting the order
> > out later in the week.
> >
> >        -- Andrew
> >
> The etherlite has one fault: it cannot send a break.  This isn't
> a problem for our linux machines (for now) but it could be a problem
> for suns where sending a break is useful.  I believe this is a firmware
> issue with the firmware inside the unit, not a hardware issue or
> a linux driver issue.  But it would be worth contacting the digi folks
> to see what they say.
> 				-Marcus