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Re: x11r6 and libsasl2

On 29 Sep 2004, at 04:19, Marcus Watts wrote:
I would like to take out the libsasl2 line that exists in these
transcripts on sixthday:
Does anybody have any comments on this?  Should I just take
it out of both of these, or create a new versioned transcript
1.0.2?  As best I can tell, this will mainly affect me, bob,
and perhaps some of the web folks (oracle uses x11 for installing???).

How does lfs-x11r6.T relate to sites/sites-xfree86-4.4.0-1.T? Anyone else built a version of X lately? Here's the list of people using lfs-x11r6*.T:

	./lfs-iaa-console.K:p lfs-x11r6.T
	./lfs-octopussy.K:p lfs-x11r6.T
	./multiuser-test.K:p lfs-x11r6.T
	./lfs-dig.K:p lfs-x11r6.T
	./rak-dell-base.K:p lfs-x11r6.T
	./lfs-umweb-oracle.K:p lfs-x11r6-1.0.1.T

octopussy is the replacement for thunderball (nefu/console machines). Is it possible to just retire lfs-x11r6*.T?