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hardware eval

We're looking at replacing the .di box hardware that we currently run in
Sites and to support ITCOM later this year with some mini-PC style hardware
running linux.

Currently they run on X1 (1u Sun hardware) w/ 1GB of RAM, dual 18GB drives
(these are 500Mhz ultra 2i processors).

In the new configuration we'd like at least the following config:
1GB Pentium 4 (xeon) process, atleast 1GB of RAM, at least 36GB of disk,
in a low form factor (hopefully at least 2 for 1u), in low heat producing
box that can run via a serial interface.

Below are some links to stuff I've found online, I'm going to order a couple
of them by the end of the week.

If you have any input on what to buy or pointers to something I've not found
please let me know by Friday.  I'm also interesting in knowing who'd like to
test this hardware when we get it.

         -- Andrew