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Meeting reminder + last call for agenda items

Hi all,

We have a meeting for umce linux scheduled for Wednesday October 13, at 3pm, please be there if you can. An updated agenda looks like:

10 announcements ( everyone )
5  sites linux is starting soon (Albert)
10 suid and guid, being able to set permissions without forking
5  X11 and other redundant transcripts (Albert)
5  Task Management Software ( gelle )
10 iptable subgroup status ( clunis & sweda)
5  CVS ( clunis )
5  LSA update ( mcneal )
5  new base transcript - where are we? ( sweda )
10 Development Radmind Server ( mcneal )
10 Transcript Cleaning ( mcneal )
5  New hardware for sixthday ( anyone )
5  What is a quorum? ( all )

Postponed until next meeting, unless we have more time than I suspect:

10 Move to 2.6 kernel ( all )
10 Evaluating alternative boot loaders. grub, gujin, or others? (anyone)

If anyone has any additions or amendments, feel free to send them to me at any time. As the agenda stands, there is 90 minutes of scheduled discussion, but chances are we won't make it through all of the discussion topics, since this is our first meeting a long time.