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/var/radmind/config was locked

sixthday-radmind:; ls -l config -rw-r--r-- 1 radmind blackops 13112 Oct 11 21:06 config

These were the changes made...

diff -r1.362 config
> polish.web.itd.umich.edu              lfs-umweb-cgihost.K
< # unassigned
< polish.web.itd.umich.edu              lfs-umweb-cgihost.K
< snowbros.gpcc.itd.umich.edu           lfs-gpcc-2650.K
> snowbros.gpcc.itd.umich.edu           lfs-gpcc-2650-mg.K

I've made my own change (to turkish) and have checked the file in. If you didn't want the above changes, then you can change them back.

- Willie

Willie Northway                  University of Michigan Webmaster Team
http://willienorthway.com/       http://www.umich.edu/~umweb/