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Fwd: [fmII] Shadow 4.0.5 released (Default branch)

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From: <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 27 October 2004 21:41:45 EDT
To: <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [fmII] Shadow 4.0.5 released (Default branch)

This email is to inform you about the release of version '4.0.5' of
'Shadow' through freshmeat.net. All URLs and other useful information can
be found at


The changes in this release are as follows:
A security bug in libmisc/pwdcheck.c that allowed unauthorized account
properties modification has been fixed (affected tools: chfn and
chsh). SELinux support has been added. There are more translations.
pam_open_session() support has been added to su. There are other
fixes and cleanups.

Release focus:
8 - Minor security fixes

Project added:
Sun, Feb 15th 1998 12:03 (6 years, 8 months ago)

Project description:
The Shadow password file utilities package includes the programs
necessary to convert traditional V7 UNIX password files to the SVR4
shadow password format, and additional tools to maintain password and
group files (that work with both shadow and non-shadow passwords).

Trove categories:
[Environment         ] Console (Text Based)
[Intended Audience   ] End Users/Desktop
[License             ] OSI Approved :: BSD License (original)
[Topic               ] System :: Systems Administration

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