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new mysql client

The webteam is in the process of upgrading our mysql servers to 4.1.7, which adds many features and enhancements, but also uses a longer hash for passwords.

The old clients will continue to work on the new server for those users who have short passwords. However, those with newly created accounts, or who change their passwords will need to use the new client.

We'd like to retire the old clients, please replace the following mysql client entries with:


sixthday-radmind:; grep mysql * | grep client | grep -v 417
lfs-gpcc-flupter.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-gpcc-gravitar.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-gpcc-smith.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-gpcc-stargate.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-gullah.K:p lfs-mysql-4.0.14_client.T
lfs-imap-frontend.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-imap-ronin.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-octopussy.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-umweb-batchhost.K:p lfs-mysql-4.0.14_client.T
lfs-umweb-cgihost.K:p lfs-mysql-4.0.14_client.T
lfs-umweb-cosign-test.K:p lfs-mysql-4.0.14_client.T
lfs-umweb-cosign.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-umweb-gateway.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
lfs-umweb-java.K:p lfs-mysql-4.0.14_client.T
lfs-umweb-oracle.K:p lfs-mysql-4.0.14_client.T
umweb-fileman.K:p lfs-mysql-4.0.14_client.T
umweb-webmail-dev.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
umweb-webmail-engin.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T
umweb-webmail.K:p lfs-mysql4020-client.T

Thank you - Willie

Willie Northway                  University of Michigan Webmaster Team
http://willienorthway.com/       http://www.umich.edu/~umweb/