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fyi: linux town hall

Title: fyi: linux town hall
I'm not sure if this has been announced yet .. I'm on a modem line from the UK and have not checked my e-mail.  If not, this is a heads-up, if so, forget this:

Linux Town Hall:  We have set a date for the Linux town hall meeting of Nov 29th (afternoon).  There will be an announcement shortly and UMCE's participation will be important.  You will need to work with Mike McPherson and/or other Linux communities on campus to prepare for that event.  Part of the announcement is:

Goals for the meeting include:
.   Bringing the campus Linux community to a common level of understanding of
the opportunities and challenges of Linux support
.   Discussing the desirability, advisability, and practicality of a campus
Linux standard
.   Discussing the needs and possible solutions for cross-campus support
(including such things as pre-configured loadsets, software packaging and
distribution, security services, etc.)
.   Continuing to foster an active community around Linux use and support