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Re: radmind boot cd

I don't think the official version of the CD is supposed to have our certs. Though I don't know where such an image lives. It's easy to take them out, or make any additions if they need specific applications which aren't already on the CD. It only takes about 5 minutes, so I would be willing to create a new cd image for Matt without our certs and with any additional transcripts which we already have, or which he can provide. There may be some subtle changes that he should want, like a special hosts file or resolv.conf.

If we could get a boot cd image without the certs, that would be great. We'll also have to update the supported hardware page so people can get an idea of where it might work.

I believe that base still has the radmind certs, and the default root password, which is in use on several development machines. Since the shared directory has a slim choice of packages, I think it would be a good idea to remove any secrets from base and put what's left in shared. Can anyone think of anything else which should be removed?

Yes, the contents of shared is rather pathetic. Since the ease of doing this depends on k in k support with radmind, I'll try and get that finished up. ( We ran into a bug with twhich on the server that isn't very interesting, but is still a bug. Does anyone even use twhich on the server? )

Once we have k in k, I'm going to really push for the "L2" base development to move forward. It sounds like a good production freeze type project.

Do we have a good way to share the data, either across campus or outside fo campus?

On campus, the discussion was rsync. I'm not sure about what's being proposed for off campus. If need, I'll take one for the team and bring the needed media to NYC. ;)