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Re: Meeting, 12/8 @ 3pm

If this will be "later this week" both GPCC and IFS have meetings Thursday afternoon, so I suspect it would either have to be rather late Thursday afternoon or on Friday. Would anyone support either a) rescheduling this week's meeting to Friday at 2pm, pending room availability, or b) having a special kernel meeting empowered to make a decision and a new kernel at that time?

I'll make this a formal request for an agenda item to talk about the kernel. I suspect it will take on the order of 15 minutes or more, unless other people are interested in a longer discussion.


On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Patrick M McNeal wrote:

There has been one suggestion that folks might be interested in the content of the Unix admins meeting; would folks like to attend that rather than our own humble session?

We need to talk about proposed kernel options and the final merge of the server and desktop kernels. If not tomorrow, maybe later this week?