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Config options in detail

Since I wasn't completely sure of what a couple of the kernel config options were during the meeting on Friday, here's the official descriptions for those options:

  If you're using a digitizer, or a graphic tablet, and want to use
  it as a mouse then the mousedev driver needs to know the X window
  screen resolution you are using to correctly scale the data. If
  you're not using a digitizer, this value is ignored.

  This enables support for text mode selection on kernel startup. If
  you want to take advantage of some high-resolution text mode your
  card's BIOS offers, but the traditional Linux utilities like
  SVGATextMode don't, you can say Y here and set the mode using the
  "vga=" option from your boot loader (lilo or loadlin) or set
  "vga=ask" which brings up a video mode menu on kernel startup. (Try
  "man bootparam" or see the documentation of your boot loader about
  how to pass options to the kernel.)

  Read the file <file:Documentation/svga.txt> for more information
  about the Video mode selection support. If unsure, say N.