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CellServDB in lfs-openafs-1.2.13-client.T

I've updated the CellServDB in the openafs 1.2.13 transcript to include the
revised lsa.umich.edu cell information provided by markmont.


On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Mark Montague wrote:

Faculty using ITCS services are experiencing a number of problems
this morning after we shut off the last of the old LSA AFS DB
servers (curtis).  This seems to be due to ITCS servers
(Login Servers, web servers, etc.) which are running the AFS
client not having our new AFS cell information.

We are working with ITCS to fix this problem.  The ITCS GPCC
team will be fixing their CellServDB files  ...

  1. Use AFSDB in preference to CellServDB if possible.  If not possible,
     edit the CellServDB file to contain the following records for LSA:

>lsa.umich.edu          # University of Michigan - LSA College             #gerow.lsa.umich.edu             #collines.lsa.umich.edu            #hodges.lsa.umich.edu

2. Then run the following command on the machine:

fs newcell -name lsa.umich.edu -servers


All machines in ITCS Login pool have been updated. Other machines managed by GPCC (Stats servers et al.) will be updated later today.

Please test at least one machine verify this change is correct,
and inform the affected parties as you see fit.

- -- PEACE, University of Michigan ITCS adb. General Purpose Computing Cycles


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