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I would like to setup bugzilla for radmind and UMCE linux bug tracking. It would also be a good place for other UMCE projects to track issues. Installation requires:

MySQL database server (3.22.5 or greater)
Perl (5.005 or greater, 5.6.1 is recommended if you wish to use Bundle::Bugzilla)
Perl Modules (minimum version):
Template (v2.07)
AppConfig (v1.52)
Text::Wrap (v2001.0131)
File::Spec (v0.8.2)
Data::Dumper (any)
DBD::mysql (v1.2209)
DBI (v1.13)
Date::Parse (any)
CGI::Carp (any)
and, optionally:
GD (v1.19) for bug charting
Chart::Base (v0.99c) for bug charting
XML::Parser (any) for the XML interface
MIME::Parser (any) for the email interface

The web server of your choice. Apache is highly recommended.
At least version 8.7 of Sendmail, or any Sendmail-compatible MTA congruent with this version or higher.

With regard to mod_perl:

A.1.11. Does bugzilla run under mod_perl?

At present, no. Work is slowly taking place to remove global
variables, use $cgi, and use DBI. These are all necessary for mod_perl
(as well as being good for other reasons). Visit bug 87406 to view the
discussion and progress.


Since most of this is web stuff, is there someone on the web team who I could work with on getting it going?