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Re: bugzilla

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Patrick M McNeal wrote:

> I would like to setup bugzilla for radmind and UMCE linux bug tracking.
>   It would also be a good place for other UMCE projects to track issues.

Hi, Patrick,

Is the expenditure of staff time and an additional machine
justified when FootPrints is available and already set up?
While FootPrints is not _specifically_ for bug tracking,
it is highly customizable and can do, to the best of my
knowledge, everything that Bugzilla can do, and it includes
a "sample configuration" (project template) specifically for
software development and bug tracking.  Note that FootPrints
is very well supported on campus, and in the unlikely
event that you need it to do something that isn't supported,
the chances of us adding that functionality are really high.
I'd be glad to give demo FootPrints for you, or you can go
directly to the campus-wide test server at
http://aegis.lsait.lsa.umich.edu/  (Yes, that server is
intolerably slow, but the production servers are much
faster, and a new, faster, test server will be available
in a matter of a few weeks.)  If you have any questions,
or if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

If you have spare staff cycles, please contact Andrew Inman.
Andrew desparately needs additional staff for AFS, DNS, and
DHCP projects that he's working on for LS&A.  We could really
use your help!

                Mark Montague
                LS&A Information Technology