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Re: radmind anomaly -- now boot CD.

What I'm working on now includes:

	updated fsck
	more recent radmind build
	no radmind client certs -- script to fetch certs
		somehow instead (scp?).

Additionally, I have hdparm on it for when I'm using IDE disks, and now that I'm thinking about it, pciutils may be useful too. I'm open to adding anything anyone else wants to the bootcd. What I put on the cd is controlled by a command file, so does anyone have any transcripts that he or she would like?

As for the rest I have had interest in doing these, but wasn't sure when I'd get to it:

	better build process using special cert
	2.4.28 generic kernel
		(built, not tested)

These are less interesting to me personally, but sound like good utilities to have on a boot cd.

	reiserfs tools
		(works experimentally...)
	lmsensor stuff -- see if this works on any of our hardware
	include some form of low-level disk exerciser

 ...                       I'll probably try to catch up with
him to talk about some of the rest of this stuff.

If you're avialable today, I should be here until around 5.

Which of us remembers the radmind CA password?  I can't remember
if this was Patrick, sweda, or somebody else...

Last I head, Kevin was the only one who remembered.

An interesting question to ask here might be where do people
want to see .iso images end up in the long run?  I've been stuffing
them into AFS here:
but other equally plausible areas might be:
	somewhere on equilibrium
	somewhere on sixthday
	it's passed around in secret and nobody knows where
		they really originate

Does anyone think it could be a reasonable thing to have the boot cd build process automated well enough that anyone could make a new iso whenever he or she needs one instead of using an official build built by someone else?