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Meeting reminder: umce.linux Wed 1/26/04 (Today) @ 3 pm

Hi all, this is the second umce.linux meeting reminder.

If you have agenda modifications, send them to the group, as I won't be
able to make it to the meeting.

So far I have the following agenda items:

Note:  These agenda items include topics which were discussed over e-mail,
during the month, but were not mentioned in my previous reminder.  Even so
it looks pretty sparse.


5  announcements (Everyone)
5  Bugzilla (mcneal)
5  New base without gcc.  Problems anyone? (everyone)
   +-> libstdc++
10 reorganization of base.T into parts (wes)
10 bootcd and creation process ( mdw / mjsager ? )
   +-> fyi, what I'm working on now currently has broken support for
       serial console.   I'm investigating how to fix this.
10 new kernel and reiserfs ( clunis )