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Re: Meeting reminder: umce.linux Wed 1/26/04 (Today) @ 3 pm

On Jan 26, 2005, at 9:28 AM, Albert Bertram wrote:
10 new kernel and reiserfs ( clunis )

lfs-kernel-server-1.2.2.T lfs-reiserfsprogs3619.T

2.4.28 is built and checked in as lfs-kernel-server-1.2.2.T
reiserfs support programs are in lfs-reiserfsprogs3691.T

I let reiserfsprogs install where they wanted (which happened to be /usr/local. I'd be happy to change this, though.

This kernel has been running on warumungu.web for over a month (36 days) and the machine is used for testing java tomcat installs, directory-test, and new releases of cosign.