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minutes from umce.linux meeting 1/26/05

UMCE Linux Meeting - January 26th, 2005 ------------------------------------------

Attending: Wes, Jane, Sean, Kevin, Bill, Marcus, Willie, Patrick, Andrew, Tony, Katarina, Martin, Liam

Next Meeting:

    Marcus will facilitate and check that we have a room.
    23 February 2005

5  announcements (Everyone)
5  Bugzilla (mcneal)
5  New base without gcc.  Problems anyone? (everyone)
   +-> libstdc++
20 gentoo ?
10 reorganization of base.T into parts (wes)
10 bootcd and creation process ( mdw / mjsager ? )
   +-> fyi, what I'm working on now currently has broken support for
       serial console.   I'm investigating how to fix this.
10 new kernel and reiserfs ( clunis )

Kevin built a new kernel (refer to Kevin's email for version info.)
ReiserFS support plus Sites collaboration changes.

2.4.29 is now out (fixes CAN-2004-1235 sys_uselib() local root exploit). Kevin has built it, it is lfs-kernel-server-1.3.0.T.

Latest HW purchase, Western Scientific now burning in. On-board RAID, if someone wants to look at it, it came free. Twenty machines short in this order. New order later on this year. Sean has questions regarding thermal footprint. Upcoming order for RAIDs for IMAP/IFS, possibly Oracle.

Bugzilla was brought up by an Australian entity. Patrick sat through Footprints demo. Question of if the issue is bugtracking or is it project management. Question of if UMCE Linux has enough issues for a tracking mechanism. Tabled.

new base without gcc
There are problems.

libstdc++.so.5 was lost in the move from 1.2.6 to 1.3.x.

Benefits: dependencies, "build notes", better rc's, 64-bit, granular control
Problems: portage database management, lose of control, merging portage stuff with major applications, e.g., OpenAFS, OpenLDAP, Cyrus

re-org of base.T into parts
see make world notes. Bill is going to start breaking up base.T into these parts. Those who want to help should talk to Bill. Patrick, Wes and Marcus are going to talk about building base from scratch. Patrick, Bill and Marcus are going to write up notes on how to create a build environment.

bootcd and creation process
Added reiser kernel & tools, new radmind, new fsck.
Automatic machine loading.
Automatic CD creation.
CD should automate as much as possible. IP from DHCP, partition table from web, etc.

new kernel and reiserfs
 2.4.29 is out and has been built and made available in:
 This kernel has reiserfs support, current version of reiserfs tools is
 built and available as:

Wes wondered who's tracking local user exploits?
Patrick suggested we move transcript to new naming convention shared/server-1.3.0.T. Kevin volunteered to updated CVS notes and move transcript.

Radmind 1.4.0 has been installed on sixthday and base-1.3.x. It includes support for command file in a command file ( KinK ). Patrick suggested the group think about how/if we are going to share command files.