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fix lfs-mit-krb5128.T

The version of krb5.conf is up to date in our base transcripts but out of date in lfs-mit-krb5128.T. I've cut an lfs-mit-krb5128p1.T that just removes the /etc/krb5.conf file. If you need an up to date krb5.conf, as I do, you should either take advantage of this new transcript or see if shared/mitk5135.T transcript will work for you.

the following machines are using lfs-mit-krb5128.T

iaa-oracle.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

lfs-cifs.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-cifs.K.041111:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-cifs.K.041209:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

lfs-dig.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

lfs-drno2-nefu.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

lfs-eq.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

lfs-ganesh.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

lfs-gpcc-flupter.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-gpcc-flupter.K.040922:#p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-gpcc-gravitar.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-gpcc-login.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-gpcc-smith.K.old:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-gpcc-stargate.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-gpcc4.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-gpcc4.K.old:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

lfs-iaa-console.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
lfs-iaa-uniq.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

lfs-octopussy.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

rak-dell-base.K:#p lfs-mit-krb5128.T
rdevine-sites-desktop-base.K:p lfs-mit-krb5128.T

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